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 Molly Glasgow, CA, RMT
Molly is a Certified Acupressurist and Usui Reiki Master with specialized training in acupressure for HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Emotional Healing, Trauma, and First Aid. She studied acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley and the traditional Usui Method of Natural Healing - Usui Shiki Ryoho - under Christine Milovani, MSSW, RMT and Riquelle Small, RMT. 

When working with clients, Molly's main focus is to help people's bodies heal themselves through a holistic approach that combines her intuitive style with acupressure, reiki, kinesiology/muscle response testing, and reflexology to tailor each session to the client's specific needs. This work gives the body the right circumstances to heal and addresses the root cause of health conditions which helps to prevent future problems.

With each client, Molly shares acupressure points clients can use on their own for long-term health. Because of her belief that natural and holistic health care should be accessible, Molly's main focus is sharing her knowledge with others so they can take an active and empowered role in their health. She is dedicated to making natural health care accessible, and provides acupressure for self-healing workshops as well as options to help curb the burden financially.

Molly developed a special interest in natural health care when conventional medicine failed to meet her personal health needs. Once she saw the benefits of acupressure, she decided to leave her profession as a civil rights organizer and pursue holistic health care.

In addition to maintaining her private practice, Molly is a practitioner at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and a volunteer practitioner at the Aliveness Project, a community center for people with HIV/AIDS in South Minneapolis. Molly is President of MetroIBA / Buy Local Twin Cities, an independent business alliance that focuses on supporting local business in the Twin Cities community, and is former President of WOW Networking Group, which provides resources and networking opportunities to female entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities area. She is also Co-Founder and facilitator for Restoring Power: Trauma & Resilience for Organizers and Q20: an embodied LGBTQ support group that focuses on self-care. 
In order to provide clients with the best possible care, Molly engages in a wide range of continuing education and research in Traditional Chinese Medicine, alternative therapies, western herbs, and disease.



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