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Virtual Guided Acupressure

It’s important to have simple things we can do on our own to improve our health. During this virtual consultation, Molly will share self-care points tailored to your needs. We’ll discuss what you’re currently experiencing, any underlying conditions, and I will lead you through finding and holding points you can use to address your health needs. This session includes a centering and grounding before guided point work. If you prefer, this time can also be used as an information sharing workshop depending on what will be the most supportive for you and your health.

Schedule online here or by texting Molly at 651-492-6636.

Looking for points you can use without a video consultation? Check out Custom Self-Care Bodymaps and get personalized points for what you are experiencing.

Please note: Distance reiki is also available via a virtual session and would include a grounding, chakra visualization and clearing.

Virtual Acu Circles

For your organization or gathering.

These circles are personalized workshops tailored to what those attending would like to address on a physical or emotional level. They can be centered around a topic or based on attendees’ individual needs. Molly will share acupressure points that can be used for individual health concerns and/or any themes that emerge within the group.

When My Tummy Hurts circles for kids and their grown-ups are also available for educators, groups, and families.

Contact Molly for pricing and to schedule.

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Acupressure is a hands-on technique that uses key points to stimulate the body’s own natural healing ability. These points promote health and support the immune system by correcting imbalances and addressing the root cause of disease rather than masking symptoms. Acupressure is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and shares threads with other traditional healing modalities. For example, the Mayan and Chinese meridian, or channel, for the lung are the same and the central meridian, or vessel, corresponds with the body’s healing centers which are known as chakras in India.


Reiki, or the Usui method of natural healing, (Usui Shiki Ryoho- a Japanese healing art), addresses health concerns by working on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic levels. Balancing life energy in the body’s centers allows us to maintain health and vitality as well as relieve the effects of stress and trauma. Reiki focuses on the body’s centers which correspond to the central vessel points in Chinese medicine and chakras.


Reflexology uses finger pressure to stimulate zones on the feet, hands, and ears that correspond to specific areas, organs, and systems of the body. It is used to normalize functions of the body and can be applied when the affected area is not accessible due to injury or a medical condition as well as aid in relaxation. Reflexology has roots in China, India, and Egypt.

Auricular Acupuncture/Ear Seeds

Small magnets or seeds applied to the ear to support organ meridians. NADA Protocol is used for addictions, smoking cessation, and PTSD. Ear seeds are placed on points that correspond to a map of the body in the ear, based in Chinese medicine and similar to reflexology maps of the body found on the hands and feet.

Smoking Cessation

Basic treatment consists of 3 sessions over a 10-day period and includes bodywork and ear seeds.

Classes and Workshops

Upcoming classes:

Regularly scheduled acupressure classes for practitioners are currently on hold until we can gather safely together in person. If you would like to explore virtual options, please contact Molly at

Ongoing Reiki I classes can be scheduled here or by contacting Molly at Reiki I consists of a 3-4 hour class covering fundamentals, self-practice, and an attunement as well as 2 follow-up sessions which can be a mix of bodywork, talk, and/or consultation.

Please see Self-Care Page for more information about workshops.

Gift Certificates

Want to give the gift of health to a friend or family member? Purchase a gift certificate here. Contact Molly to purchase a gift certificate for a package of sessions or to inquire about how the sliding scale can be applied to gifted sessions.