Self-Care Points / Puntos de Autocuidado

Select an image to see a point you can use for common health concerns. Hold each point LIGHTLY for 1-3 minutes or until you feel a “pulsing”. This means the point has released.

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Seleccione cada condiciónes para ver un punto que puede utilizar para los problemas comunes de salud. Mantenga cada punto LIGERAMENTE durante 1-3 minutos o hasta que sienta un “pulso”. 

[The use of self-care points is not intended to replace medical care. Please go to the nearest hospital if this is a medical emergency. / El uso de puntos de cuidado personal no está destinada a sustituir la atención médica. Por favor vaya al hospital más cercano en caso de una emergencia médica.]

Want more self-care tips?

Check out Custom Self-Care Bodymaps and When My Tummy Hurts: An Acupressure Book for Kids and Their Grown-Ups . More about workshops and self-care consultations below!

Virtual Guided Acupressure

Points delivered right to your screen. Feeling sick and want relief but stuck in bed? Can’t get away from work or taking care of young ones? It’s important to have simple things we can do on our own to improve our health. During this virtual consultation, Molly will share self-care points tailored to your needs. We’ll discuss what you’re currently experiencing, any underlying conditions, and I will lead you through finding and holding points you can use to address your health needs. This session includes a centering and grounding before guided point work.

Schedule online here or by texting Molly at 651-492-6636.

Looking for personalized self-care tips without a video consultation? Check out Custom Self-Care Bodymaps made especially for you!

Please note: Reiki is also available via a virtual session and would include a grounding, chakra visualization and clearing.

Virtual Acu Circles

For your organization or gathering.

These circles are personalized workshops tailored to what those attending would like to address on a physical or emotional level. They can be centered around a topic or based on attendees’ individual needs. Molly will share acupressure points that can be used for individual health concerns and/or any themes that emerge within the group.

When My Tummy Hurts circles for kids and their grown-ups are also available for educators, groups, and families.

Contact Molly for pricing and to schedule.

Self-Care Workshops

Acupressure for Grief, Anger and Exhaustion with Molly Glasgow

Acupressure for grief, anger, and exhaustion demonstrates points to address the mental, physical, and emotional effects our communities face with an understanding of historical and generational patterns held in our
bodies. During this interactive presentation, Molly Glasgow will share points that can be used for self-care and shared with those around you.

A pre-recorded workshop can be accessed here or scheduled for your group or organization here

Acupressure for Stress, Tension and Well-Being with Molly Glasgow

Acupressure for stress, tension, and well-being demonstrates acupressure points to assist the body in dealing with the mental, physical, and emotional effects of stress and explore the root cause of anxiety and insomnia. During this interactive presentation, Molly Glasgow will share self-care acupressure points that can be used at home, work, and throughout the day to address these concerns.

When My Tummy Hurts: An Interactive Reading for Kids with Molly Glasgow

This is a combined self-care workshop and reading of When My Tummy Hurts: An Acupressure Book for Kids and Their Grown-Ups designed for kids to learn the 10 points featured in the book that they can use to support their physical and emotional well-being as well as with their friends and family members. This workshop can be modified for groups of students at schools and libraries or for children and their caretakers at events or for social and parent groups.

Restoring Power: Trauma & Resilience for Organizers with Molly Glasgow and Ricardo Levins Morales

This workshop is an exploration of the dynamics of trauma and resilience; their expression in our bodies, their active presence in our communities and their relationship to organizing, alliance building and change. We share tools for expanding our resilience and clarity in the face of oppressive patterns, systems, and organizing challenges as well as create space for dialogue and discussion.

Workshops can be scheduled virtually for your home, school, or office on the topic of your choice. In addition to topics above, available topics include: acupressure for common health concerns; hormonal balance through acupressure; acupressure for immunity; acupressure first aid; acupressure for organizers. Please contact Molly with any questions or book online here.

Thanks to everyone who have made past workshops a success!
Here are a few highlights-
May 2013- October 2013: Acupressure for Stress, Endurance, and Pain Relief workshops were held during monthly heath screenings at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center- Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.
April 2012: Self-care workshops focusing on stress and common health conditions were held in Mexico near Erongaricuaro, Michoacán and in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero.
Spring 2011: AcuOrganizers series workshops held at the Chicago Women’s Health Center, the Spiral Collective in Detroit, Bluestockings Bookstore and GOLES in New York City, the Jam Jar House in Washington, DC, and a number of locations in Madison, WI.
Summer 2017: Acupressure for Grief, Anger, and Exhaustion at the People’s Movement Center in Minneapolis.
Molly has also taught self-care workshops on a range of topics at a variety of businesses and community organizations in the Twin Cities and the Allied Media Conference in Detroit.

What People Are Saying about Self-Care Workshops

I’m very impressed with the self-care tips available on Point Acupressure’s website. I had a nagging headache for several days, which water and pain relievers had not taken care of. Using the self-care points got rid of it quickly, and it did not come back.

Emma, Minneapolis MN 7/2/13

Molly gave a one-hour workshop at my workplace that was helpful and informative. It was a beginner’s introduction to acupressure that taught us a few points we could use for self-care. I found the course to be very helpful, and I use this information now daily.

MPR Employee, St. Paul 11/2/12

I attended Molly’s “Self Care for Activists” seminar yesterday and came away with lots of good information. She did a great job breaking down concepts and explaining simple, effective techniques we can use on ourselves to promote better health and self care. I’m excited to start using some of the things I learned and feel like I have a better understanding about how simple and available and empowering using acupressure can be.

Jessica H., Minneapolis MN 10/20/12

I attended the Acupressure for Organizers workshop in Chicago, and it was incredible! I learned how to incorporate acupressure into my own self-care and came away with practical ideas for putting it to use in the work I do and the spaces I am in. I left the workshop thinking a lot about what it looks like to listen to our bodies and the ways in which we are often taught as organizers to override this listening. I am excited to continue learning with folks about how to deepen a holistic approach to our health, selves, and work. Molly made the workshop fun, accessible, and engaging

Jen, Chicago IL 5/5/11

Molly’s workshop was a really great introduction to easy-to-use self-care practices for organizers. I found her presentation clear and accessible even though I had never learned about acupressure before. She got to the heart of the emotional and physical challenges organizers face, relating our experiences to the specific practices she presented. I also appreciated the chance to have a space with other organizers where we could admit that our work sometimes left us feeling anxious, tired, and afraid.

Liz, Washington DC 5/2/11

As a fibromyalgia sufferer, I need to maintain balance in all aspects of my life, physically and emotionally. As an organizer, I experience a lot of stress and often wear myself out.  Molly’s acupressure workshop gave me the tools to better manage the symptoms, without needing prescription drugs. In the past I’ve tried to use Eastern medicine, but never got it. Molly’s straight-forward explanations and intuitive abilities helped me with many problems that have eluded my doctors.

Sue, Madison WI 4/27/11

Thank you! This was amazing and I feel fortunate to have had access to this workshop. I definitely came away with more tools and resources to take care of myself and others! St36!

Ros, New York NY 4/17/11

Wonderful discussion on acupressure and self care held in Detroit!  Thank you, Molly!

Charity, Detroit MI 4/14/11

Molly started with a concise and interesting intro to acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine, allowing folks to feel comfortable in their own experience of it. She was very well prepared with informative diagrams that showed specific points that dealt with stress and other side effects of being a community organizer. She made a space of trust by speaking to the experiences of organizers and their work. Molly interspersed her talks with time to hold points on ourselves and others, allowing us to find these points on our own and guiding us when needed. Her calm nature and un-intimidating approach was an apt and comfortable environment for learning.

Boi, Madison WI 3/24/11

How well do we take care of ourselves? Through the art of knowing what points trigger response, Molly helped all of us find a way to enhance our lives, as well as those we serve & reach every day through our work.

Gloria, Madison WI 3/20/11

Thanks for the workshop. I’m really struck by the depth of your teaching; you’ve obviously got an integrated understanding of the work. I’ll definitely spread the word!

Kristine, St. Paul MN  9/2/09