What Clients Are Saying

Molly is an excellent practitioner. She listens deeply and compassionately to what you’re struggling with, and chooses helpful points to support both physical and emotional/mental wellness. The unique thing about Molly is that she is very committed to sharing points with non-practitioners – so at the end of every session, she’ll suggest a point or two for you to practice on yourself, and show you how to hold those points. She’s even published a kids’ book that shows different points that children can hold to help support their well-being!

Eleonore W., Minneapolis, MN 7/1/18

I contacted Molly Glasgow in hopes of finding relief from ulnar nerve problems, mainly tingling sensations and pain, in my right arm and hand. I previously had surgery for a similar (but more severe) trouble in my dominant left arm. My wish this time was to avoid surgery. Molly calmed my apprehension in that respect, while not promising me a full recovery. She explained that nerve damage can take up to a year to calm down, whereupon she proceeded to work on my ulnar complaint with a sense of direction. Over a period of four months, meeting with me once every three weeks, she helped me see gradual improvement. The tingling sensation diminished and the pain in my fingers disappeared almost entirely.

In addition to the therapy Molly provides, her strong points are 1) her general high intelligence and an ability to articulate the specific aspects of the bodily ailments she is treating; she does not leave a client wondering what the treatment consists of. She explains it succinctly. Most important to me was that Molly showed me how I might help myself alleviate my nerve complaints, not to be fully reliant on her but to take positive steps to controlling my symptoms myself. That’s likely the greatest long-term help of all. She supplied it very well. A medical doctor told me once, ‘The greatest work we do is to send patients home to cure themselves.’ That’s what Molly also is very good at doing. I recommend her highly.

Roger M., St. Peter, MN 6/19/17

I first met Molly five years ago to address the beginnings of hormonal changes.  After a couple of and several individual sessions, I was able to self care.  I contacted Molly again a year ago for help.  I was desperate to regain control over my out-of-control hot flashes and my increasingly debilitating migraine headaches, nauseating joint aches/pains (RA) and fibromyalgia.  Initially receiving weekly acupressure treatments, my migraines, RA and fibromyalgia benefited first.  Although I continue to suffer flare-ups, they are tolerable and with biweekly acupressure sessions and self care, I am once again functional.  We have been successful, too, in decreasing the frequency, duration and intensity of my hot flashes.  Words can’t explain how thrilled I am! Acupressure care has demonstrated to be a continuing, supportive need this past year in keeping me healthier; without it, my body falls apart.  Since receiving care from Molly, I have not needed treatment by a medical doctor, hospital or pharmacy; a by far healthier, more fiscal option for me.

Terry D., Shoreview, MN 4/16/15

I first came to see Molly through a Groupon but have continued coming because I’m getting great results. I had plantar fasciitis for about a year and she showed me pressure points I can use daily. I had relief even after my first session and after 3 sessions plus self care, it is gone! I have also received stress relief through acupressure. I had done acupuncture before but didn’t get any results. Molly is an excellent practitioner, caring and professional.

Sharon B., Minneapolis 6/27/14

The pain is much more manageable. I feel like I can do more. Things I never thought I would do again.

Julee, Rochester, MN 10/30/13

I am very active in sports and really don’t have time to rest injuries.  For the past 3 weeks I have been experiencing achiles pain to a point I was unable to run.  I was at a point where I would try anything.  I went in for a session with Molly.  In addition to the session she showed me how I could relieve the pain myself.  The next day I wasn’t pain free, however I was able to run for the first time in 3 weeks!  It was amazing.  I went back in the following week and the pain has now started to go away.  Thanks Molly!

Grant D., Minneapolis 9/24/13

I came to Molly Glasgow with a severe lower leg pain/cramping issue which has been plaguing me for nearly 7 years now. The pain will wake me abruptly and keep me up much of the night, at times up to 4 nights a week. It would also hinder my movement and participation in some physical activities for fear of being triggered into pain. After our 1st session I not only left with “tools” (points) to calm the discord, but also with an understanding of what was happening in my body and how to help prevent further instances of pain. After the 2nd session there was a noticeable decrease in painful nights. And after the 3rd session the nightly disruptions have halted completely, and I’ve been able to sleep worry free for nearly 2 months now. I highly recommend Ms. Glasgow to anyone looking for a better way to treat themselves.

Tracee H., Minneapolis, MN 7/29/13

Molly provides a safe and caring environment for clients to heal and reach their goals and aspirations. She exudes a warm and welcoming presence for all who meet her.

Rhys P., Minneapolis, MN 3/18/13

Molly Glasgow is an unusual combination of knowledgeable, professional, and caring. She encourages and educates her clients so they leave feeling empowered. She was able to help me stop the feeling of a whirring blender I’d had in my chest for years and had tried to get rid of with countless anti-anxiety medications. Molly’s technical skills are matched by her keen awareness of human nature and its ability to heal when shown the right technique.

Sarah H., Minneapolis, MN 3/5/13

I came to Molly at Point Acupressure with two herniated discs from a back injury and a pinched sciatic nerve which made walking difficult and painful.  After weekly sessions with Molly over a period of two months, I am once again able to walk without support and pain free. Molly’s sensitive approach and depth of understanding in related fields of nutrition and homeopathic remedies helped me make progress with digestive problems as well.

Molly was highly recommended to me by a neighbor friend in nursing and I highly recommend Molly to anyone in need of relief from pain.

Theresa H., Minneapolis, MN 1/18/13

I have a severe spinal injury and have tried everything. Molly suggested points to relieve some of the pain. It worked!! That was 4 months ago. Acupressure works for me & helps me manage my pain in a natural way.

Maren M., Minneapolis, MN 6/3/12

Nunca había creído en la Acupresión ni en la Acupuntura. A decir verdad, nunca me dan
dolores de cabeza, pero hace unas semanas hice un viaje a Michoacán y conocí a Molly, venía de Minnesota. Cuando la conocí le pregunte a qué se dedicaba, me dijo que a la Acupresión y pues lo tomé como algo bueno, aunque no creía en eso. En la noche durante la cena, me dolió la cabeza y pregunte a todo el grupo si tenían una pastilla para el dolor de cabeza, ella me dijo que no tenía ninguna pastilla para el dolor, entonces con sus dos dedos presionó mi nuca, entonces le pregunté que qué estaba haciendo. Ella me contestó que eso era la Acupresión y yo asentí aunque no creía en esos métodos. Al poco rato, perdí completamente el dolor, estaba impresionada de la energía humana y los puntos de la Acupresión. ¡Le agradezco a Molly por curar mi dolor de cabeza esa noche!

Maayan, Ciudad de Mexico, DF 4/20/12

Conoci a Molly en Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, y un dia que ella caminaba por la avenida del la ciudad, la vi y le dije , tengo un dolor de cabeza, ella me contesto te puedo ayudar? Le dije si, como, ella contesto con acupresion, ok conteste, ahora? Si, y en unos 5 minutos ella hizo presion en algunos puntos de mi cabeza, hombros y brazo, y unos minutos despues, senti una mejoria importante, creo que es una buena opcion para la salud

Temo, Zihuatanejo, Gro. 4/17/12

As a sufferer, I need to maintain balance in all aspects of my life, physically and emotionally. As an organizer, I experience a lot of stress and often wear myself out.  Molly’s acupressure workshop gave me the tools to better manage the symptoms, without needing prescription drugs. In the past I’ve tried to use Eastern medicine, but never got it. Molly’s straight-forward explanations and intuitive abilities helped me with many problems that have eluded my doctors.

Sue, Madison WI 4/27/11
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I had an adrenal crisis about 6 months ago and I had to learn very quickly how to survive in a body that no longer produces cortisol or aldosterone. Since loosing adrenal function I have started passing out a lot because of chronically having unregulated blood pressure. In the past several months I have gotten used to waking up in the snow outside, on my kitchen floor, at the end of the stairs down or were ever else I land. When I met Molly I had a big blue cast on my arm because of a wrist fracture from landing on it during a black out. She showed me a way to tap a place above my upper lip that helped me regulate my body enough as to not pass out. I have in the past tried other modalities such as acupuncture and massage, and my experience was they made things worse. It was exciting that there was a hands on way I could do some self care that did not cause harm, but relief. What I did not know would change my world in such a big way wasthat tapping of my upper lip. It has become a tool I can use while changing positions physically and not blacking out. It has made living with a life condition that was beginning to feel like more than I could handle, livable. It is making it possible for me to show up to graduate school, something I was on the verge of having to drop out of. It has given me more freedom to do things without as much help as I used to need because I can often keep myself from falling. Learning tools like these are what make life something I get to experience, not just survive

Ely, Minneapolis 3/20/11

I was somewhat skeptical of Point Acupressure at the beginning. I gave it a try and immediately noticed the difference. Molly’s approach and technique were not only therapeutic, but decreased my stress to levels in a manner I was not accustomed to. She took the time to inquire as to my needs, actually listened to what I was saying, and then proceeded with the therapy. Although I have tried many other forms of body work, I cannot remember anyone whose “touch” truly hit its mark. I continue to use Point Acupressure as a means of stress reduction and managing pain. I would recommend Molly and her services to anyone.

Cathy, St. Paul MN 12/30/10

I decided to try acupressure after being diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and finding myself unable to stand, walk, or do anything on my feet without a significant degree of pain. I had already been to a general practitioner and met with a physical therapist who estimated it would take 6 months to year for me to fully recover.  After two acupressure treatments the majority of the pain went away and I began to notice a general reduction in levels of stress and anxiety. Molly is very dedicated to her work and her clients and I am extremely grateful for her help in expediting my recovery. I would recommend Point Acupressure to anyone looking for better outcomes and to improve your health beyond what conventional western medicine can do alone.

Michael, Minneapolis MN 9/3/10

At first I was kind of skeptical that acupressure could help me quit smoking, but it totally did. Not only has it been almost three months since I’ve had a cigarette, but I don’t have urges or cravings like when I’ve tried to quit in the past. I feel a lot more calm overall. I can even be around smokers and am not tempted to start back up.

Matt, Minneapolis MN 7/22/10

After having pretty major surgery, I felt like something was out of sorts. Molly has been very helpful in addressing my energy and stress levels. She is extremely caring and attentive to improving my health and well being. The treatment we’ve been working on has really opened my mind and improved my health. I highly recommend her services.

Tina, Chicago IL  2/19/10

For several years I suffered from addiction and insomnia.  After several attempts to overcome these afflictions – none of which proved effective and most of which did not target the underlying cause anyway – I decided to try acupressure. Right from the beginning Molly discussed what she could do for me in knowledgeable yet understandable terms, and with lots of compassion for my condition. Through our sessions I was ultimately able to end my addiction and begin to sleep “normally” again for the first time in years. Some key things that make Molly stand apart is her willingness to listen and gauge progress to determine best course of treatment from session to session, and her knowledgeable information on what you can do between sessions in terms of diet and nutrition, self-acupressure, and other lifestyle factors to make her treatment even more beneficial.

John, Bloomington MN  1/7/10

I use the points on my neck that you showed me, totally stops headaches in their tracks. They have saved me from many aspirin. Weird but welcome side effect:  I think it’s improving my usual slumped posture in my computer chair!

Cheryl, Hastings MN  9/22/09

I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life. I was diagnosed six years ago and I have tried everything from counseling to several types of prescription drugs. I had given up on defeating it and thought it was something I’d live with forever. I found Molly’s website and chose her because she was so willing to work with my financial situation. I was also very impressed with her in depth responses to my emails. I was never one to believe in alternative therapies, but I decided to give it a shot.  I noticed results even after the first session and I’m now three weeks into the therapy. It truly has changed my life. I could give pages of examples, but I’ll try to keep it short.  I used to spend so much time thinking about everything and my mind was always racing; now I am a much calmer person and I can enjoy the smaller things in life. I couldn’t figure out how to let go of negative things and I found myself dwelling on them even when I tried not to. Being able to let go of the past is what has changed me the most. I have seen a tremendous positive change in the way people react to me and in the relationships in my life. I really encourage everyone to give this a try. In all honestly it has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and I have a whole new outlook on life.

Angela, Minneapolis MN  10/25/09

Thanks for the workshop. I’m really struck by the depth of your teaching; you’ve obviously got an integrated understanding of the work. I’ll definitely spread the word!

Kristine, St. Paul MN  9/2/09

Going to Point Acupressure and working with Molly helped me in many ways – ending nightmares, quitting smoking, and finding the ability to get rid of headaches on my own without medicine. I originally just wanted help getting rid of headaches but didn’t realize acupressure could help me with so much more. I have had nightmares frequently since I was a kid and have had a significant reduction in bad dreams. Quitting smoking has been something I have been doing half-heartedly for a few years, but this summer I decided to become serious about it and thankfully Molly knew just how to help. I will always be grateful for Molly’s professionalism, knowledge and energy she puts into her practice.

Julene, Mahtomedi MN  8/20/09