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Acupressure is a hands-on Traditional Chinese Medicine technique similar to acupuncture that uses key points to stimulate the body's own natural healing ability in a safe and painless way. These points promote health and support the immune system by correcting imbalances and addressing the root cause of disease rather than masking symptoms and can be useful for pain and the emotional effects of trauma.
Acu Self-Care Consultation
It's important to have simple things we can do on our own to improve our health. During this 30 minute consultation, you will receive self-care acupressure points tailored to your needs. Self-Care consultations include a Traditional Chinese Medicine assessment.

Reiki, or the Usui method of natural healing, addresses health concerns by working on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic levels. Balancing life energy in the chakras allows us to maintain health and vitality as well as relieve the effects of stress and trauma. Reiki can be used as preventative care as well as in conjunction with Western medicine to reduce side effects of treatments and aid in recovery.
Reflexology uses finger pressure to stimulate zones on the feet, hands, and ears that correspond to specific areas, organs, and systems of the body. It is used to normalize functions of the body and can be applied when the affected area is not accessible due to injury or a medical condition and can also aid in relaxation.

Auricular Acupuncture/Ear Seeds
Small magnets or seeds applied to the ear to support organ meridians. NADA Protocol is used for addictions, smoking cessation, and PTSD.

Smoking Cessation
Basic treatment consists of 3 sessions over a 10-day period and includes acupressure and ear seeds.

Gift Certificates
Want to give the gift of health to a friend or loved one? Purchase a gift certificate here or contact Molly Glasgow at 651-492-6636 or pointacupressure@gmail.com to buy a session package or inquire about the sliding scale.

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