Class and Workshop Scholarship Fund


I strive to create and share self-care resources, knowing the work we begin in and for ourselves as profound and life changing and honoring the power of one-on-one individual care and the deep need for community-care. In an atmosphere where being able to receive the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health care we need is restricted by economic situations and other barriers to access, I focus on offering as many access points to healing as I can.

The purpose of this fund is to support people in learning with and for community- either as individuals for self and family in self-care workshops and Reiki self-healing classes or as bodyworkers in classes that focus on work to be shared with community. Supporting people in developing and supplementing their own healing journey or expanding and supplementing their work as practitioners in community. We all deserve care. We all also deserve the opportunity to care for ourselves and provide the care we are called to.

This will cover the difference between what someone can contribute and the cost of a class or workshop. Most classes and workshops are provided on a sliding scale basis or with sliding discounts for those invested in healing justice work.

The fund will be tapped into only when a scholarship is requested. Requests from trans, queer, indigenous, black, brown and immigrant people will be prioritized. Donors can specify if they would like to contribute towards self-care and self healing classes, classes for bodyworkers, or either/both by contacting me.

This scholarship fund will allow those who otherwise could not afford to attend self-care acupressure workshops, Reiki classes, or classes for bodyworkers the opportunity to do so.

Visit to contribute or make a one-time donation here.



$5 or more (one-time or monthly)

Contributor donations can help make the difference by covering the cost of transportation to and from a workshop or class


$12 or more (one-time or monthly)

Supporter donations can help make up the difference of a meal away from home for class and workshop attendees


$25 or more (one-time or monthly)

Sustainer donations cover the attendance to a self-care workshop for one person or one of four payments for a class for bodyworkers at the healing justice practitioner payment plan rate


$50 or more (one-time or monthly)

Subsidizer donations will cover half of a payment plan at the healing justice practitioner rate or the cost of two people to attend a self-care workshop


$150 or more (one-time or monthly)

Sponsor donations cover the cost to attend a Reiki I class or class for bodyworkers at a healing justice practitioner rate


$250 or more (one-time or monthly)

Funder donations cover the cost of a private Reiki I class at slightly less than the full rate or a class for bodyworkers at slightly more than the full rate

Visit to contribute or make a one-time donation via PayPal here.

Information on upcoming classes can be found on the Services page.

Thank you for supporting access to self-healing resources and classes for bodyworkers based in an idea of community-care. Your contribution means a lot and will help make this work sustainable.