Immune Boosting Point

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Our bodies hold a lot of tools to both help keep us healthy and recover when we're not feeling well. Right now it can be easy to feel overwhelmed as we try to filter through what is happening with COVID-19. You may be worried about yourself, about an older relative, or about your kids. You may be someone who deals with chronic health issues or has a compromised immune system and really hoping that others around you are taking this seriously. Or you may be young, generally healthy and wondering why this is such a big deal. The truth is we are still learning what this coronavirus means for our individual health and the impact it will have on our community and world short-term and long-term. What we do know for sure is that we as people who share space are in this together. The hand-washing, being mindful of large groups and staying home when you're sick is as much for the health of everyone else around you as it is for you. And that makes it even more valuable. Are there people using it to close off or restrict access to groups of people and resources? Yes. That will be a longer continued fight. And a fight that we can weave into prioritizing our own health and the health of everyone we come in contact with. The healthier and stronger we are, individually and as a whole, the more we can do and resist now and in the months and years to come. There's a lot of both/and. Small-scale/large-scale. Here and now/future. Me/us. Fear/trust. Doubt/knowledge. What happens is contingent upon what each one of us do, what we as groups do, and what those in control of power, information, and resources do. One thing we always have access to is ourselves. One thing we can always tap into is the wisdom of our own body and the information passed down to us about how to take care of it. I have to remind myself and be reminded of this on a regular basis even though I have spent the majority of my adult life building my work around that principal. My hope is that this can help remind you (and that body of yours) of the same. This point boosts your immune system to help prevent you from getting sick and get better faster. Swipe left for more. #acupressure #immunesupport #point4that

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This point helps boost your immune system and puts your body in a stronger place to fight off pathogens and get better faster. Using it speeds up the rate at which your body recognizes the protein of a virus so it can build your defenses against the pathogen. In order to fight off a virus, your body must know what it is and how it works before you can get rid of it. Just as researchers are studying COVID-19 before we can know how to specifically fight it. LI11 helps your body do just that.

If you are using the point to keep yourself as healthy as possible, holding it on a regular basis will help build your defenses before a virus can take hold in your system. It’s a great point to use if you have been around a lot of people or in close contact with someone who is sick. If you are already sick, hold the point 3-5 times a day for the duration of your symptoms. In general when using this point, you may notice that you feel worse before you feel better. That happens because your body is processing the virus at a faster rate.

For example, if a cold/flu would normally last 7 days, holding the point can make it last 3-5 days and your body is experiencing the normal progression of symptoms in a shorter time period. This particular strain of coronavirus, COVID-19, is one that seems to progress or worsen after a few days when most people would normally expect to begin feeling better. Keep that in mind if you’re not feeling well and take a little extra time for points/herbs/rest/treatment for a few extra days.

LI11 is also useful for clearing heat, relieving frontal headaches, and supporting your large intestine to eliminate waste.

The point is located at the outer edge of your elbow crease. You can find it by bending your arm across your chest and pressing the soft spot at the end of your elbow crease right before you hit the bone. Check out the video below for more info and instructions on how to find the point.

Hold lightly for 1-3 minutes or until you feel a pulsing- this means the point has released.

Trust that with the right combination of care and preventative measures we can get through this.

And, as always, hold your points.

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